Loray Mill Hall


Loray Mill opened in 1902, and was known as the “Million Dollar Mill” due to its size; the largest textile mill in the South constructed by Lockwood, Greene & Co of Rhode Island. The mill originally produced cotton sheeting, but switched in 1921-22 to tire cording due to the boom in the automobile industry. This shift in manufacturing also brought an expansion of the mill, bring it from 450,000 square feet to its current 600,000 square feet.

After several labor strikes and the company’s bankruptcy, Firestone Rubber and Tire bought the mill in 1935 and continued the production tire cording. Firestone moved to a new facility in nearby Kings Mountain in 1993, leaving the fate of the mill uncertain. Ultimately, Firestone donated the mill in 1998 to Preservation North Carolina, who launched a tremendous preservation and renovation effort. The Loray/Firestone Mill has undergone remarkably few physical alterations, resulting in a preservation effort that is a prime example of 20th century architecture, as well as a testament to preservation work.

Since the completion of the renovation project in 2015, Loray Mill has rapidly become known as one of Charlotte’s premier event venues. Hosting over 600 total events and 350 weddings. With the completion of the “speakeasy” expected in fall of 2019, the lure of the Mill continues to grow.

Loray Mill currently has 180 loft apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Homesteads Events is proud to offer one of these lofts as part of our venue packages. This is a one of a kind venue that is unmatched in size and history in the region. So lets start the next Chapter in the history of Loray Mill with your special day.